The Cefalu Family

With all that is sweet, creamy, and classy, this little family stole my heart. The second Abby walked out in her lace dress paired with Ellis' white smock, I knew we were set up for success. In the small amount of time I spent with the three of them, I could feel Abby's sweet, gentle disposition, Ellis' curious toddler nature, and Bill's easy-going personality.

Look at this sweet girl. It must be something about the little girls named Ellis that I photograph, they are just some sweet, classy baby girls. And as it forever and always goes, the mother-baby shots got me, once again. The gentle aura of a woman and the sparkle her baby brings to her eyes will always be one of the most beautiful stories I could ever have the pleasure of documenting.

As if they weren't cool enough, we added their sweet pup Bella in at the end of their session -- and even she was a pro behind the camera! I even managed a few model poses of Bella before we wrapped it up.

Abby, Bill, and Ellis, I could not be more grateful that you requested me to to document this time in your sweet new family's life. You guys are all things beautiful.