Bethany + Chase {Engaged}

She's bubbly, he's chill and quiet. Friends for years and now planning to spend their lives together, Bethany and Chase wooed me full force during their session. Not only were they beautifully smitten with one another, but they were perfectly comfortable in front of the camera. In fact, they fell into place so naturally, it was almost as if I weren't even there -- just how I like it. (:

What I loved most about them was that even Chase was incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. But moreso, the interaction he had with Bethany that naturally unfolded from him taking the lead to make them both comfortable and natural, was so, so very beautiful to me. A man leading his lady so delicately is a beautiful thing. I adore these two so much.

I loved Bethany's low-back maxi with her soft curls. They both worked it! In fact, I told Chase I'll need to hire him to direct men for me at weddings. Kidding! But really...he was a pro.

There's little in life more beautiful to me than a happy woman. While, of course, happy people and general are great to be around, there's something specific about a woman. Every single time I capture photographs where I can tell, genuinely tell, that the woman in them is happy, content--that all is right in her world--I fell an immense feeling of satiety inside me.

Bethany and Chase, I absolutely cannot wait for our year of adventure and planning together. And what's more, I cannot wait to document you two becoming one next October. Stay beautiful, radiant, and in love always.