Brou/Norton Family

All grown up, even my baby sister, is a bit of a strange sight to see in photographs. Strange, but beautiful. Thinking of growing up with sisters, of the fights over clothing, the bribes to switch outfits, the pulling of hair, the moments when cuddling is ok--the moments of growing up. Lovely.

We recently did a little Fall session with my parents and sisters, and I must say, I'm loving the warm hues and the strange feeling of seeing my family on camera. (; Ah, just look at my baby sister, not looking like a baby at all...








As I've grown a little, I've learned the beauty in embracing stages of life--of seeing the growth from where those surrounding have come from and where they'll go, and of just embracing the now. It's so interesting to look at this next photo, knowing that in a few years we will probably look back on it and think of how different our family was.


And these two, answering every phone call I had with questions as I was building our new house and doing all sorts of new grown up things. And if you haven't been following me and didn't know, not only are they talented at making girls, but also at building and refurbishing things. They've done countless projects for me, including this freaking awesome office shelving. They are beautiful.

IMG_2100 IMG_2032

This is Shelli, she's our quirky middle child. Can you tell?



So, in the spirit of embracing seasons, I'll attempt to embrace this 75 degree, extremely humid "Fall" weather here in Louisiana. Happy Friday, friends!