The Beards

With it being a time of thanksgiving, it's only appropriate that I should be blogging these two today. Perhaps they look familiar to you from their surprise wedding we photographed this past March or from my personal posts if you follow me on Instagram. You see, Connie was my bride. Mind you, I had never met her before she approached me about booking, but well, she's been the biggest gleam of sunshine in my life ever since. I knew from the moment I met her, like I do often times with people of her good nature, that she had a heart of gold and a optimistic fervor for life. She and Mike have become best friends to Preston and I over the course of the year and I could not be more grateful for their genuine presence, every single day.

Oh hey! They're superbly stylish too! We know I have eyes for photographs that look like they came straight out of a Jcrew or Banana Republic catalog, and well, here you go. (:


Hehe, this is Little Miss Riley. She's a dainty lady. We've dogsat her before and it was grand. That was before I had a monster of a fluffy puppy thinking everything as little as Miss Riley is a toy at his own personal service. Err...


This was one of my favorite photos from their session because umm, Connie has a little feisty streak that I love so dearly about her that Mike is always keeping in balance. It's quite a fun dynamic to be around.


Connie threw on a flannel shirt over her lace dress for the second half of the session and I LOVE the whole different vibe it brought...

IMG_4419IMG_4393Beard-5IMG_4430 IMG_4425 Beard-6

 Connie and Mike, you two have truly become better friends than I ever could have imagined. I cherish your good nature, giant hearts, and love of good food every single day. I cannot wait for so many more adventures with you.