Another Sweet Franklin has Arrived!

In addition to it just simply being the most wonderful time of the year, my heart gets so full with the enormous amounts of love captured in Lifestyle Sessions this time of year. You may remember The Franklins from their family collection we did just before Josephine made her arrival, well now, we have the completion of their family...for this year. (;

Vickie loves being pregnant and is so very natural at being a mother, both of which she wears quite well. Josephine is the third beautiful addition to this giant-hearted family I'm grateful to call close friends. As you know, I love mother and child interaction in photographs. It speaks for itself, more powerful words than I could ever convey...

IMG_3315 Josephine-3IMG_3298Josephine is Vickie's third all natural birth, and this time, at home--in a tub, in her bedroom, with her two girls and her husband right by her side. I can't even imagine the peace and beauty in that.


I love these photographs of Vickie and her three girls so much. They are such timeless heirlooms in their family history--a time that she will look back on someday, of when all of her babies were small, when they loved unconditionally, when they snuck into her bed in the middle of the night, when they needed her for everything. I'm not a mother yet, but I know, this is a time of love and satiety every mother wishes she could bottle up and save forever.

IMG_3331IMG_3375IMG_3358Birth order truly intrigues me. My friends and I discuss the quirks of it often. The first child tendencies, the second child tendencies, the toss up of the third, and so on. I'm a textbook first child and my sister is a textbook second, so it thoroughly intrigues me to observe this in other families. I love the spunk of the second child--the rebel, the mischief maker, the big, guarded heart, and the one that keeps everyone laughing. I love it. And I especially love it in Sofia in these photographs. (:

Josephine-1 IMG_3219IMG_3161 IMG_3164 IMG_3156

This session and this family is special to me in so very many ways. I hope it fills your heart as it did mine this holiday season. Now, go show this week who's boss!