Callie {Senior 2014}

When Callie walked up to me and said, "I'm not very good in front of the camera," I wanted to very politely laugh in her face. Because firstly, I don't think anyone is truly awful in front of the camera, it just takes the right cues to get natural feelings flowing. But secondly, geesh, look at her...

I don't generally go for oranges and bright colors in sessions, but when we started brainstorming outfits and she mentioned this dress, I almost fell out onto the floor in excitement. Natural and earthy is what she brought me, and oh, they're my most favorite. I hope you enjoy every bit of her earthy senior goodness. I'm pretty sure these should be in a magazine.

IMG_4622Callie-5Callie-6IMG_4587Callie-7IMG_4607IMG_4601Callie-8IMG_4647Callie-10Callie-9IMG_4699IMG_4712 IMG_4700

We switched it up and threw some cozy into the mix. You know this is my other favorite...IMG_4557 IMG_4552Callie-1 IMG_4541Callie-3IMG_4492Callie-2 IMG_4504 Callie-4 Callie, I love your gentle aura and the soft, yet quirky nature you have about you. To another one of my precious, breathtaking seniors, I wish you every ounce of the best luck, love, and success.