Kristi + William

There's a dynamic that I enjoy so much when photographing newly married couples. It's a vibe of comfort, much different than my beloved engaged couples. Being only in my third year of marriage myself, I'd like to think it's the sweet and frustrating hiccups that newlyweds encounter in those first years. The first years are so fun, and oh so scary -- all in one. They are years of getting on your feet and of learning how to fully share half of your existence with another person. They're thoughts of how to go about chasing dreams and sometimes having no idea what you're doing. They are years of realizing adult life is hard, really hard, and of learning (oh, learning) how to pick your battles. It's quite the ride.

As I'm editing, especially this time of year, I think about what it is that those in the photographs have gone through that year. With my newly married couples, I see a beautiful connection--the realization of what it truly means to be committed, by the side of another. I see the challenges they've conquered and the times they've probably asked themselves, "What the heck are we doing?" I'm sure it's because I'm in this stage of life, also, that I see some of these things when documenting them; nonetheless, it makes it a beautiful experience for me, and shows the parts of life I'm truly trying to capture for them. I hope it's a time capsule for them of this precious newly married phase and of a time before children where they look back and see the development that was taking place. I hope it's a reminder of the love, vibrance, and fear. I hope it's looked back upon as the beautiful time in life that it is.


This very special couple is my cousin Kristi and her husband William. Can you see the resemblance? And are you as obsessed with the above black and white as I am?! (:



I've started processing my black and whites differently, which I know is just gibberish to many of you, but AH I'm in love with this classic look. Nothing bright or super vibrant about them, just a classic, timeless black and white photo that can be appreciated all the same fifty years from now. I mostly edit in color, but when the right emotion arises, there's just a story that black and white tells so much more eloquently than color...

IMG_5264Dunckleman-1IMG_5305IMG_5327 Dunckleman-4IMG_5400 Dunckleman-5 IMG_5340IMG_5337

Kristi and William, you two are fabulous and have the most beautiful hearts, minds, and souls. I wish you the most perfect holiday season. All my love...