The Wallers Welcomed a Little Pink into the World

My sweet Wallers are back! This time with their new, pink addition to this boat riding, dirt playing, bug catching clan of sweet Southern boys. Rebecca birthed her third all-natural birth. This time in water, and did I mention, this time with a girl?! Sorry, we're still a little excited over the pink over here. And geesh, I'm forever grateful and overwhelmed by the strong, beautiful females I'm so lucky to call my friends.

Tommy is one of seven children, six of whom are boys. So finding out that they are expecting a healthy baby girl was the most beautiful surprise. And Fiona is every bit of beautiful...

IMG_5956 IMG_5763IMG_5948IMG_5784Waller-4IMG_5937Waller-5Waller-3

If you're wondering how the stars were aligned for us to achieve this very still, perfect photo. Well, one of Santa's elves was watching from inside my camera. (:


I love love sibling photos. These will be so cherished and fun for them all to look back at one day.

IMG_5908 Waller-1IMG_5806 Waller-2 IMG_5977

Tommy and Rebecca, I adore every ounce, breath, and smile of your ever-giving and love-filled family. The capacity of your enormous hearts leaves me speechless, time and time again. Cheers to our friendship, and here's to many more years.






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