Latiolais Family - We Got Chased by a Cow, Y'all

Leah and Jason met here working at Global Wildlife while still finishing up their degrees. From swimming in the pond after work, other countless cherished memories--including their engagement, wedding reception, and frequent visits back now with their sweet Jacques, this place holds quite a majestic feeling for them. After spending time with them here, I completely understood why. Watching them know the place forwards and backwards and thinking of the memories they've created here, I realized how truly beautiful it was that their first real photo session with Jacques should be documented at this very place.

This session truly put the meaning in Lifestyle Photography and it was SO much fun. Because both Jason and Leah worked here for so long, we got to go on a private excursion, led by Jason, to stop and let Jacques encounter all of mommy and daddy's favorite animals. It was kind of exhilarating for the super girly girl I am. I mean, how often do you get chased by a giant cow...with giant horns...while photographing people? Don't worry, we made it in the vehicle before he really started running. (;


My goodness, those golden locks and bright eyes--so beautiful, baby boy. And I must say, the tiny tantrum below was the most adorable tiny tantrum I've ever seen. IMG_6081Latiolais-3IMG_6164IMG_6092

IMG_6014The giraffes were probably the coolest for me. They were so giant, so close, and so sweet. They just stuck their heads right on in the truck with us and had a little snack... IMG_6043 IMG_6062 IMG_6067

Leah's favorite was the llama, but I'm not sure that Jacques agreed. (;IMG_6169IMG_6229IMG_6232 IMG_6182 IMG_6184 IMG_6198 IMG_6215 Latiolais-1 IMG_6251 Leah and Jason, this was truly an exciting and beautiful experience for me. Thank you for allowing me to see and document such a large part of what made up the beginnings of your beautiful little family, and of what matters most to you.