Witty Toddlers and Crunchy Leaves

One of my most favorite parts of photographing toddlers is the things that intrigue them. Now, combine that with a adorably feisty little red head--and well, let's just say there wasn't a shortage of laughs. Little Miss Presley has some strong wit for a toddler, not to mention, she's a girl who knows what she wants. I loved every bit of her assertive and sweet little personality.


See what I mean? Between the sweet sparkle in her innocent eyes and the "I'm in control" face below, I just loved her!IMG_7064Portera-3 IMG_7081

I love the innocence and fervor of personality in the toddler years. Presley has so much personality that I know Casey and Brandon will look back on and cherish in these photographs.Portera-1IMG_7134IMG_7110 IMG_7123 Casey, Brandon, and Presley, I had an absolute blast playing and learning the sweet dynamic of your family, and moreso, documenting these sweet moments. I can only hope to document more of you in the future!