Chewie Turns ONE!

If you've known me for any length of time longer than a year, you know that I was not very keen on animals. However, if you've somehow only known me in the past year, you'd wonder how that statement was ever true given my obnoxious Chewie posts (sorry). You see, Preston has wanted a dog since we first got married. Meanwhile, I put it off for YEARS saying not until he was done deploying or leaving constantly, because I surely wasn't taking care of a dog on my own when I didn't even like them. I know what you're thinking, and NO...I DON'T THINK I HAD A HEART.

After Preston got home from Africa last November, we decided we were ready and started our search. We discussed and searched for the perfect pup for a few months and in January of last year, we picked out Chewie from his litter. Since then, I've learned the insanely beautiful and unconditional love of a dog.

As I work from home, Chewie and I spend almost all hours of every day together. He's taught me so much about unconditional love, about taking breaks during a busy work day to play hide and seek, and about how important HIS cuddle time is every night.

Well, my Little Wookie turned ONE on Saturday, and as my need for dressing him up in embarrassing attire goes, we had to snap some photos in his birthday hat. (:


Then, he decided to strike some different model poses for the camera. On the left, the "Abercrombie, Confident and Careless" look, and on the right, the "I'm So Pitiful."Chewie-1 Anyhow, as you can see, I'm ridiculously obsessed with my dog and I cannot imagine life without him. And as per the many conversations I've had with him about never ever leaving me, I'm hoping to buy a magic potion one day that allows dogs to live forever. In the meantime, Happy First Birthday to my little Chews and Happy Tuesday to you!