New Orleans Riverside Wedding - Casey + Brett

Much like the city in general, New Orleans weddings exude rich tradition and culture like no other weddings I've ever had the pleasure of attending or photographing. I feel almost as though a large majority of the culture of the city comes together, balled into this one night. For those growing up in South Louisiana, it's an intense feeling of comfort and of home as they begin their lives together under the celebration of such deep rooted traditions. Coming from beautifully large and close extended families, Casey and Brett chose to embrace all things rich in this culture on their day. All of the love, tradition, and comfort of the South...

They got ready at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, overlooking the boats and other happenings along the Mississippi River. I loved that both Casey and Brett were getting ready at the hotel, as it allowed us plenty of time to capture the details and emotion leading up for both of them.


As the emotion and tradition were both free-flowing, I felt it appropriate to use lots of black and white to convey the sentiments as I saw them.Bachemin-3Bachemin-1Bachemin-4IMG_1341

As if the classic details weren't enough, the emotion that filled the day between family, friends, and all who love Casey and Brett left me in awe... Bachemin-2IMG_7567IMG_7568

We don't always get a chance to document the men getting ready, but I  must say, it was quite entertaining watching these guys figure out the meticulous placing of their suspenders. Although, they seemed to have the bow tie part down, like the backs of their hands.IMG_7471IMG_7482Bachemin-5Bachemin-7IMG_1447

Casey has a twin sister, Jessica, as well as a younger brother, Nick. We couldn't help but have a little fun with Nick.Bachemin-10 Bachemin-11

Their  ceremony was held at St. Francis of Assisi in New Orleans--and oh my word. Casey and Brett's ceremony was truly one of the most beautifully spoken ceremonies I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. And well, the actual beauty within the architecture of the church simply speaks for itself. I also happen to love this little shot I snagged of the ring bearer giving high fives. (:Bachemin-12Bachemin-16 Bachemin-13 Bachemin-14

And well, I can't say I don't love the beauty in a crying bride, so very overwhelmed with the emotion of the day...IMG_1672IMG_7744Bachemin-15IMG_7761IMG_1709IMG_1714IMG_7830 IMG_1707 IMG_1745

After the ceremony, we headed back to the Hilton to board the Creole Queen Steamboat and cruise The Mississippi. It was fabulous, and undoubtedly, the whole bunch knew nothing less than how to have the best time. Bachemin-17 IMG_1841 IMG_1965Bachemin-19 Casey and Brett, we truly felt like family surrounded by everyone who loves you so much. Thank you, truly, for allowing us to document your day.