The Madere Family {Family/Newborn Photography}

You know what's mind-boggling? Those little moments when you realize that you're growing up. Not moments where you're sad about the past or ready for the future, but the moments where you realize that you're building your small little empire of a family, that you're living life the way you've dreamed since you were a little girl just dressing up in princess clothes. This post is of a family very near and dear to my heart, The Madere Family. I've known Michael since my high school years, then got the pleasure of meeting his beautiful wife and college sweetheart Lindsey while they were dating. It had been a while since I had seen them, so when Lindsey contacted me about doing a family session, I was stoked about meeting the newest addition, Dominic, and slightly older addition, Max, in their family. I had met Max once before when he was younger, but oh, as you will see, he is now QUITE entertaining at three whopping years old!

He may hate me for posting these one day. But his fascination with a little nose-picking had me giggling through the whole session. These candid ones are always among my favorites!

I believe they were discussing something of slaying dragons and monsters here, then loving on his mommy the next minute.

While Max was certainly cute enough to steal lots of spotlight, we managed to sneak off while he was slaying dragons and capture a few of calm little brother, Dominic.

Oh, how sweet it is to be loved by you!