My First Camping Trip

We spent this past weekend with the best of friends on my first true camping trip, ever. In a tent, no showers, and no cell phone for three days. The no cell phone part, I could surely get used to every once and a while. We spent the weekend catching up with some of our nearest and dearest friends from the military, an occurrence that couldn't happen enough, in my opinion. Hiking, cooking over an open fire, and just connecting with the beautiful people in our lives was exactly what the doctor ordered. I can't wait to make it a common occurrence with, hopefully an even bigger group, of our military lovelies next time...

IMG_3543Camping-4IMG_3455Camping-3IMG_3512You may recognize some of the faces from my past posts here, here, and here. These people are the best kind of people, the kind you know will always hold the warmest place in your heart, no matter where life takes you.IMG_3456

Camping-2IMG_3463 IMG_3501 IMG_3502IMG_3604

Above, are the newly engaged Brooke and Shane, who we could not be more honored that they have asked us to document their wedding next January. And below is Lily, who has been in love with Preston since she was just a little bebe'. Whenever we're spending time with the Franklins, you can usually find Lily in an arm's reach of Preston. IMG_3507Camping-1

Giggles and heart-to-hearts were all had...IMG_3480IMG_3532 IMG_3524 And lots of love--as it should be. (: Oh, and just a little reminder about my BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR going on through FEBRUARY ONLY...February PromoNow, back to the reality of this week's duties AND stay tuned for one of my most favorite weddings, to date, to be posted later this week!