A Black Tie Affair - Christine + Taylor

Of course, all weddings I photograph are filled with love and elation for the couple to be wed; however, the aura surrounding Christine and Taylor's day had a special exhuberance of love and support that was palpable. Not only were their families fabulous, but it was quite clear of the tight knit and loving support system they have within their group of friends.

Every bit of Christine's planning screamed of consistency, elegance, and grace. The girls got ready at Christine's parents' beautiful home, which contained the most picture-perfect white columns I've ever seen in a living room. Clearly paired with the most perfect light coming in the giant foyer and formal dining windows, I HAD to make use of the columns. And so we did.Graham-3IMG_2236IMG_9109IMG_2342IMG_2262IMG_9115

Did I mention her dress? Lace, fitted, classy goodness, I tell you...IMG_9184 Graham-1IMG_2513IMG_9294Graham-5IMG_9320

One of my most favorite decisions many of my couples decide to do when choosing not to do a first look is what I like to call "the non-first look." See what I did there? It's where the bride sees the groom; however, he doesn't see her. I've found that this works very well, not only for fabulous photos that we would otherwise probably miss by the time the ceremony ends, but also because it gives the bride and groom what is perhaps the only moment during the day to connect more intimately. I always find it funny that on a wedding day, a day which is a celebration of a couple's love for one another, they often get little-to-no time together. I truly enjoy and appreciate the few minutes they get to talk, touch, and soak in the monumental event, just with one another. I was elated when, not only did they decide to do this, but when we decided that they would do this among these ever-fabulous columns.IMG_2486IMG_2489IMG_2497IMG_9372Graham-2 IMG_9368IMG_2503Graham-4IMG_2699IMG_2690IMG_2710

If you can't tell, these groomsmen were quite an entertaining bunch. Mind you, I did not queue them on any of these photographed moments.IMG_2217 Graham-7IMG_2788Graham-9 Graham-8IMG_9756 Graham-10Graham-14IMG_2919Graham-12IMG_0088 Graham-11IMG_3108Graham-13IMG_3124 IMG_0163 IMG_0166 IMG_9995

Christine and Taylor, I'm honored to have had the opportunity to document your day. I wish you nothing but love and happiness and endless years together.