Pleats and Pink, Thank Heaven for Little Girls.

There is something about soft, pleated chiffon, muted colors, and linen that will forever and always scream the perfect description of all things little girl. Delicate and angelic, just like my sweet little Isla.  Isla turned ONE last month. Yes, one. Geesh, where oh where has the time gone?  I had this exact look in my mind from the moment I found this perfectly little soft pink dress. This session is how I imagine all things girly--made of soft sugar, a little spice, but mostly everything nice.


Those eyes, AH...those eyes. They are naturally just as blue and big like that, straight out of my camera. Nothing better. And this black and white, focused on her curled little toes was one of my most favorites from the session. I love photos with subtle little details, rather than obvious, expected emotion and action.IMG_0845IMG_0809 Isla-1 IMG_0834

 I hope you enjoyed all things a little girly this morning! And just a little reminder, if you missed last week's blog post, PLEASE PLEASE go read it. It's monumental, it's got so much meaning to me, and IT'S A FULL SESSION GIVEAWAY. Go read it here, NOW. Oh, and happy Tuesday! (: