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“Who would have thought that when we were 8 years old going swimming, spending Halloweens together, eating snowballs, and going to yard sales with our parents that we would end up together?

I kinda did, because if you remember, I told you I was going to marry you the day I was chasing you around the tree in my mom’s backyard. I was nine years old that day. Here we are over twenty five years later driving to Florida with our baby in the backseat. “

Terry shared this post recently to Vanessa on his sentiments about life with her, and well, it’s far better than anything I could articulate about the team they are

Northshore Louisiana Newborn Photographer
Northshore Louisiana Newborn Photographer
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Without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, I know that his little guy here has a mama and daddy with intentions in teaching him about the world, possibility, hard work, and success. You see, Ledge’s dad Terry is quite a familiar face in the BMX world, and his dedication for his craft and family alike shine forth in his warm persona, achievements over the past two decades, and admiration from his peers.

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Terry Adams Bmx Family
Terry Adams BMX Son

As I photograph families, I love to observe the little nuances in personality that create their dynamic. From the first encounter I had with Vanessa and Terry and with each since, I’ve watched how seamlessly they flow as a team, and more so, the respectful admiration they share for one another.

From a warm welcome to impeccable home decor, that morning spent with Vanessa and Terry allowed me to observe and capture their biggest joys during this season of lif.

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Mandeville Motherhood Photographer
Northshore Louisiana Newborn Photographer

“Watching you smile everyday with him makes my life complete.

Happy anniversary. I’m so excited to have you and Ledge in my life forever. I am far from perfect, but I promise I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to be the best person I can be fore you and our little buddy. I love you.”

(Terry in aforementioned anniversary note to Vanessa)

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Terry Adams BMX Baby Nursery
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Terry Adams BMX Family
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In addition to impeccable taste in home decor, Vanessa has an eye for creating pretty things. I couldn’t help but to appreciate the chic geo design of these coasters she’d made.

Midcentury Home Decor Inspiration
Terry Adams BMX Family
Mandeville Motherhood Photographer
Terry Adams BMX Family
Terry Adams BMX Family

As Vanessa and Ledge took a nursing break, Terry showed me the front room of their home, which holds a giant wall mural with over a decade of Red Bull portraits done of Terry by the ever-talented Robby Klien. Terry expressed to me that he thought it’d be cool to incorporate Ledge into that somehow, so we had some fun styling him up in a little Red Bull gear alongside Robby’s artwork.

Terry Adams BMX Newborn
Robby Klein + Terry Adams BMX

Vanessa and Terry, thank you for entrusting me with the task of capturing such a fleeting era of life for your family.