Stephanie + Joel - Part I

I'm quite a girl. In fact, Preston wouldn't fight anyone on the notion that I'm as girly as they come. With that being said, we girls tend to have a bit of a rep for changing friends much more frequently than guys as we go into adulthood. Tis' ever-so-true. Stephanie and I were pretty attached during some of our younger years. As time went on, we drifted, then went on with our lives. But what I love as I look back on all of the various friendships I've had from childhood to adulthood, is that I look at where most of the ladies I've had the pleasure of being close to have grown to be, and well, it's just a beautiful thing, this life. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that we are living out our twenties with eyes for adventure and ambition. Nonetheless, dream-inspired and goal driven seems to be a common theme.  This is absolutely true of Stephanie and her fiance' Joel.

Stephanie and Joel most certainly seize the day, and it's something I find so admirable about their relationship. After meeting Joel for the first time, I instantly saw the comforting love, security, and adventure he provides Stephanie. They are equals and they work life so beautifully as a team. This was so very apparent to me just from being around them. They even backpacked through Europe for 5 weeks last year, just taking time to soak in people, food, and culture. Are you in love with them yet? I am. (:

As I mentioned with a few past engagements, when photographing an old friend, a beautiful nostalgia comes into play. This was most certainly no different as I photographed Stephanie and Joel. We had a ball, laughing and chatting the entire time.


IMG_2556The comfort they had around one another seriously just found itself so perfectly on the screen of my camera.

IMG_2491Bonomolo-1IMG_2546IMG_2515IMG_2531IMG_2563 IMG_2494IMG_2564Stephanie and Joel, you both exude beauty, inside and out. I'm so very grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with your contagiously warm and bright souls this year. And of course, I most certainly cannot wait to document you tying the knot in Cabo next May. Here's to love, travel, and doing life so big. Cheers!