Madison {Senior 2014}

I have had an influx of the most bubbly, big ol' smiln' senior girls lately and I love it. If you know me personally, you know I'm a pretty bubbly person. So, when I'm surrounded by other bubblies, it's just such a bright experience. Madison was one of my most recent senior girls who just captured my heart with her big smile and even bigger heart. Madison, her mom, her sister, and I tra-la-la'd through the streets just laughing away, finding the most perfect nooks and crannies. I love downtown streets, there are so many hidden treasures among them.

The feel of Spring color was all around for Madison's session--er, except for the actual feeling, which was unusually chilly for it being almost April in Louisiana. But we slipped in this college town's favorite little coffee shop, grabbed some hot tea and hot chocolate, and warmed up a little before continuing our venture to make it look as if it was 70 degrees and blue skies. We talked and laughed so much though, that I'm not sure we noticed the chill that much.


I'm just in love with the soft colors and overall feel we achieved from this look. Truth is, field shots are usually my favorite, but these were my favorites from Madison's sesh. I feel editorial, soft, and perfect emotion when I look at them.Madison-3

Then, we found another nook. Nooks are fun--like little, sneaky adventures. (:IMG_3096Madison-2 IMG_3121Madison-1

We ended, as you know by now how, next to a field of course, and well, just look. It's April and that means blooms are everywhere. We found a field that was completely covered in yellow flowers. The bokeh from my lens made it look like the perfect soft yellow blur paired with Madison's golden locks and pale yellow shirt. Oh, and her smile. (:IMG_3272 Madison-6IMG_3256IMG_3239Madison, you are such a bright light. I left your session all smiles from that sweet, bubbly personality you possess. Never let anyone dull that sparkle of yours baby cakes, it's a beautiful thing.

And Happy Thursday, my friends! It's almost the freakin' weekend. We have some of our best friends coming stay with us AND doing an early birthday celebration for P. I hope yours is just as lovely.