Macey {Senior 2014}

Meet Macey. She's a timid personality that came out with her soft, sweet features through my camera. Oh, and maybe I'm just crazy with my celebrity look-alike brain now, but I think she looks strikingly similar to Anne Hathaway. But hey, if I looked like Anne Hathaway, I'd let someone tell me that all day long. (:

Since it's just a few days before Easter, Macey's soft lavendar clothing choice for her field shots were quite appropriate to post, I felt. Pastels mixed with pretty light make for such perfect, ethereal photographs.

IMG_4228-EditMacey-6IMG_4230-EditMacey-7IMG_4132-EditIMG_4169-EditMacey-4IMG_4193-Edit IMG_4157-Edit Macey-5 IMG_4283-Edit

She had three outfits, two of which I've highlighted in this post. I really loved her black dress with a heart cutout in the back, also. And our super ninja nook we found in a very public place. You can't even tell. (:IMG_4072-EditMacey-2Macey-3IMG_4105Macey-1IMG_3974

Macey, you are just stunning. I wish you nothing but the best of luck! Happy Easter, my friends!