I don't have children yet, but I'll say, I have a tiny obsession with extremely fashionable toddlers. So much that, I follow Instagram feeds of mommas who dress their babies with some mad style. When Tracee contacted me about photographing her daughter Rhyan's two-year-old photographs, I knew I was the one in for a treat. I've known Tracee since I was younger; however, since she's had Rhyan I find myself constantly watching her feeds to see the super cute ways she plays dress up with her.

And Little Miss Rhyan? She's the sweetest little momma's girl to utter the words "Au Revoir" that I ever did meet. One of my most favorite things, as you guys know, is to watch interaction between mother and baby. It's just breathtaking to me. The highlight of my session with Tracee and Rhyan was just observing how beautifully attentive Tracee is to teaching Rhyan's little inquiring toddler mind about every single existence and interaction around her. Oh, and hearing Tracee sing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" miiiiight have ranked pretty high for me too. After their session, Preston and Chewie had to hear my voice, which is not near as pretty as Tracee's, sing it around the house for days. (:

IMG_8757Rhyan-3IMG_8841IMG_8799IMG_8866Rhyan-1IMG_8806IMG_8759 IMG_8946 Rhyan-2 Tracee, thank you for the opportunity to document the unconditional love, life, and joy between you and your sweet girl.