Caitlin + Mayson

No words. Well, ok that's a lie. It's me we're talking about. But truly, my clients leave me in awe of the privilege I have to document such breathtaking stages of their lives. I wholeheartedly love all of my clients, this is so true. Nonetheless, the mommas and babies and the relationships between them that I've had the pleasure of so organically photographing lately just takes my breath away.

When the color palette and visions I have in my head, paired with the organic relationships of those I'm photographing come to life, they sometimes create the emotion I intended in the photograph so powerfully to me that I don't even know what to do. Sometimes I even cry. Seriously. I know that sounds crazy, but I do. And it's how I know that documenting life is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Caitlin is my beautiful next-door neighbor and mother of two. Mayson, pictured here, is her eldest little one and a new big sister to her most perfect little brother. This session was just for Caitlin and Mayson, though--to truly capture the essence of love between momma and daughter. Swoon away...


Caitlin - Free People

Mayson - Well Dressed Wolf

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