Vacation Recoup and Sneak Peeks

Whew, if I'm being honest, we had such a fantastic time on vacation last week that it's really taken digging deep to get back in work mode this week. I've been working like a little hermit to meet some deadlines this week, but neglecting my sweet little blog readers. To keep you in the loop on what I've been working on and ensure that my usual two plus blogs per week will resume next week, here's a peek at Ashley & Jason's perfectly intimate first moment together on their wedding day. They whispered sweet words, they exchanged a few sweet kisses, they soaked in the moment--all while still never seeing each other. These first moments my brides and grooms choose to have are just stealing my heart with the genuine emotion they let me in to capture.


Ashley and Jason's full wedding, along with some snippets from our trip will all be on the blog for you next week. Stay tuned, my little lovies!