A Blush Summer Wedding: Shelli + Sean

As I've said before, there are defining elements for me as a photographer and observer that generally set the mood for each individual wedding day. This mood may not even be something that the participants of the day particularly pick up on as the events unfold, but instead, it's more of an experience--a feeling, if you will--that I personally take from the day. Shelli and Sean's day was two-fold in sentiments for me. Firstly in that, Shelli had the most fun group of girls, ever. Something about their attitudes and comradery as they surrounded their friend on one of the most important days of her life, paired with the mixed bag of attitudes that could have put them straight out of a bridesmaid comedy, just made the atmosphere leading up to the event a ball of fun.


Then there was Sean. His gentle persona towards everyone he aknowledged and just the way he looked at Shelli, I could see so clearly his love and desire to provide for her as his wife.2014-07-08_00342014-07-08_00152014-07-08_00122014-07-08_0011

And since her girls were so spunky, they reinacted an infamous movie pose with their own spin above--adding the boys. Can you identify it? 2014-07-08_00142014-07-08_0032

I always like a girl...or six...unafraid to toast properly with a little Patron'.2014-07-08_00072014-07-08_0016

Shelli and Sean said their vows at sunset, with warm, creamy light coming through the white panels near them. It was truly the perfect way to kick off a Louisiana Saturday night.

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 Shelli and Sean, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm, vibrant personalities and the genuine love you share. I wish you countless days of kisses and a forever celebration of lazy Sundays together.