Kady + Brandon {Married}

Kady, as I learned throughout the course of her wedding day, is like an overflowing bowl of sunshine. As I watched her, I realized how loved she was. Loved not only by her future husband, Brandon, but by every single person that surrounded her -- and I knew why, too. Kady's personality is radiant. She's meticulous attention to detail, a fabulous style, a loving personality, and some rockin' dance moves. I'm pretty sure these nuptials were a no-brainer for Brandon. (;

The emotion that occurred throughout the day was absolutely contagious. I couldn't come close to sharing it all in one little blog post, but here's Kady -- overcome with emotion as she realizes her dress is on, and this is the day that she will become one with the man she's loved since high school.

Kady and Brandon's entire day was full of Southern charm. So naturally, I couldn't contain my excitement and my nervous clicking finger when Brandon just so happened to be casually sitting on the white columned porch, in a rocking chair, with some Southern swaggar, while awaiting his bride.

As you can see, Kady was not detail shy. In fact, if she's as awesome of a nurse as she is at wedding planning...well Kady, I think maybe you should just attempt Med School, now. She did not forget one single detail. And as if her day weren't special enough, her father made every single wooden piece incorporated in her day -- from signs, to tables, to barrels, to picture frames, everything. Yes, I said tables.

And if your jaw weren't already on the floor...you better just hold on to your hat and prepare yourself for the level of cuteness and Southern style in her tiniest members of the wedding party. Did I mention Kady and her father did ALL of this planning on their own. No hired wedding planner for the planning and details in her decor...all Kady.

Lawn games....lawn games?! I told you she thought of....everything. And well, her favors made me just smitten.

Kady and Brandon, it was an absolute honor to document the love encompassed in your wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness -- the happiness I know you'll have in one another.