What I Wore: Campy-Meets-Bling

As I previously mentioned, I'll be adding a few components to the blog from time to time to give you a little more pizazz to read. Because I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone loves a little extra sparkle. I've been sharing recipes from time to time, and last week I gave a little home tour of completed parts of our cozy little home. Well, besides cooking, decorating, and working out, what else is on my list of loves? Cute clothes, duh.

After realizing that my personal Instagram feed is filled with fashion bloggers, foodies, and workout gurus, I decided it was time for me to share a little of that with you! So, alas, here's the first of what I hope to become a regular edition of  "What I Wore." Here, I'll tell you where each piece of clothing is from...IN EVERY POST. You're welcome. (:

This style has pretty much been a summer staple for me. I've changed up pieces, but the general campy-meets-bling has kind of been my cozy little go-to. Funny thing, most of these pieces were either gifted to me or stolen from Preston's closet, oops! But, I'm all about dressing as cutely as possible using staple pieces already in my closet--er, or his.


The shorts are actually an old pair of Preston's jeans that I cut. I really wasn't sure that day if he should feel insecure that I could fit into his jeans or I should...

Flannel Shirt: American Eagle (I swiped it from Preston's closet, oops)

Wifey Tee: ILY Couture

Statement Necklace: TJMAXX (but inspired by this one from JCrew)

Gold Bangle Bracelets: Imagine Boutique

So, I hope you love this little addition to the blog! If you do, leave me some feedback so I know what I should keep doing, or not. Happy day, my little lovelies.