Molly + Kenny: Northwest Washington Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I had the utmost pleasure of traveling to a little town North of Seattle to photograph the nuptials of Kenny and Molly. We spent the most superb summer day in amidst their closest family and friends overlooking nearby mountains, eating the best food, drinking the best wine, and just celebrating their love. Kenny and Molly are people with a passion for food and an even bigger fervor for life. So, from pig roasts to local wine to the biggest laughs, everything was perfectly genuine.

It's not always that I have the satisfaction of photographing a wedding where couples write their own vows, but every time I have the pleasure of hearing them, it ignites something so spine-tingling in me. Hearing words spoken out loud of things endured and how two people feel about one another, really brings to life the unique fibers that make up their love--in a way that we on the outside otherwise perhaps wouldn't have the pleasure of ever seeing. Molly and Kenny's carefully constructed words written for one another painted such a vivid picture for me of the fruition they bring to each other's lives, that it brought me to tears.

From perfectly chosen Anthropologie and Jcrew-esque style to the most beautifully thought out speeches, I hope you enjoy a glimpse at their day...


Wedding Wedding

Molly wore a clean and classic Jcrew gown, which I thought fit perfectly with her clean and classic style.

Below is someone I haven't yet mentioned. This is Evelyn. She's Molly and Kenny's most perfect baby girl who will give you the most full little chubby-cheeked smiles you could ever beg for.Wedding Wedding


This photograph below was unquestionably one of my favorites from the day. It represents so much of what I love and blog about so often--the heart of little girls, of women and the desire to just twirl sometimes. It's capturing moments like these that really make the art of photography come alive for me--even if they're in ways that others may not even take from the same photograph.Wedding

Did I mention that Kenny also has some undeniably fashionable friends?


Kenny and Molly chose to do a first look, and as usual, I cannot put into words the value and emotion this time adds to the day. A moment of solitude on such a hectic day to just be--and absorb one another.WeddingWedding Wedding Wedding

Can we just touch one more time on the impeccable style of this wedding party? My Anthropologie and Jcrew lovin' heart is just singing.Wedding Wedding Wedding

Everything took place in Molly's parents' fabulously manicured backyard. Think big, beautiful white tents, manicured tree lines, and a view that overlooks nearby mountains. Oh, Northwest, you have a tangible beauty more breathtaking than I'd even imagined.Wedding Wedding Wedding

As if I weren't smitten enough by Molly and Kenny's heartfelt vows to one another, the love that radiated from the toasts made by their friends during dinner truly showed the big hearts and always open arms that Kenny and Molly possess.Wedding Wedding Wedding WeddingKenny and Molly, thank you for inviting me in to document your life and your love. You are such a genuine reminder of what life's all about.