Eli {20 Days New}

I have a handful of clients who have been with me since my itty bitty beginnings of sweating out newborn shoots when I felt like I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Of course, they never knew that, but boy I did. I was so scared those first few times I photographed these brand new lives, and as new parents, I'm sure they were too. But luckily, there were ever-gracious people out there who had faith in my vision and abilities. What's better is, they've stuck with me for nearly four years now, as I've gone through the hiccups and learning curves of starting this little photography business--they've stuck with me. Unwavering. Booking photo sessions to document the life, growth, and love of their families each year. That is utterly the most monumental compliment I could ever hope for.

With that being said, as you scroll, you'll probably recognize Eli's little family from many shoots I've done with them over the years. But for now, this is about Eli. He's brand new and showered with so much love.

As I may have mentioned before, my portrait sessions are less posed and more lifestyle oriented. So, with that being said, I focus more on relationships and organic emotion rather than poses and props. Fifty years from now, I truly believe that it won't be the hat you wore that you'll remember, but instead, the soft, loving embrace your mother gave you. The embrace that told you that no one on this Earth would ever love you as much as she.

Newborn SessionNewborn Session

You know, oh you already know how it fills my heart to document momma and baby like this...Newborn SessionNewborn Session

Eli and I just hung out as he basked in the soft window light. Newborn Session

And Little Miss Ellis patiently waited her turn to love on her brother, while serenading me with her favorite songs from Frozen. Newborn SessionNewborn SessionJennie and Brandon, thank you so much for entrusting me the duty of documenting your family each year. I truly could not be more grateful to have the opportunity to watch the love and life grow as time passes.