What I'm Loving: Fairhope, AL

Growing up in Louisiana, travel along the Gulf coast was pretty frequent for our family. After meeting Preston, who's originally from Alabama, it became even more frequent for me to take those little two and a half hour drives from Louisiana to Alabama. With a compilation of family, Preston's military career, and many friends there, we still visit quite frequently. In the company of our visits, we almost always find time to stop into Downtown Fairhope. If you're not familiar with this cute little All-American town, it's a must-see visit for a dose of classy, Southern, and small town America. Best part is, it's a stop on the way to Gulf Shores or Florida--so I highly recommend a little stop in on your next trip. Even moreso, if you're looking for a quaint little girls' weekend of good food, classy fun, and great shops, look no further.

I'm always looking for the best places to eat when we visit places, so I thought I'd share with you a few of our consistent favorites when we are in Fairhope. My all-time favorite is Local's. Seriously, I don't think I visit Fairhope without popping in for a meal there. Local's prides themselves in local, organic, grass-fed meats, game, and fresh local veggies for their deliciously crafted burgers and the best shrimp and grits around. Wait, it actually gets better when I tell you that you can bring your own alcohol. As if the food weren't fabulous enough, the fact that I can pick up a nice bottle of wine from Red or White Wine Bar down the street and bring it into the restaurant with no corking fee, pretty much makes it a forever love affair.

Speaking of, if you do make a weekend visit to Fairhope and need a swanky place for great atmosphere and fabulous, affordable wine selection after dinner, I highly recommend taking a stroll a few blocks over to Red or White.

Downtown FairhopeDowntown Fairhope

If you like things a bit crunchy from time to time in your life, I also highly recommend taking a stroll a few doors down from Local's over to Rosie Bluum. Essential oils, organic makeups, body things, are just a few of the treasures to find if you need a few organic, California-esque vibes in your life.

Downtown Fairhope

Lastly, if you ever do decide to stay in Fairhope for longer than a few hours and need a second fabulous meal option, Pinzone's is another must. Their romantic outdoor courtyard, fabulous wine selection, and delicious Italian make for a super romantic date night or classy girls' night. In their case, the pictures below simply speak for themselves.Downtown Fairhope Downtown Fairhope Downtown Fairhope

If you find yourself in Fairhope, let me know if you've loved any of these suggestions! I'd love to hear about your experiences. Happy, happy day, my friends!