Trahan Family

Capture their sweet little ages, tie them in a pretty bow, and lock them in a box so they can stay this way forever. I'm not a parent, but I can assume that every parent probably feels this sentiment at some point in life. Heck, I sometimes wish I could roll back time and be eight years old again--where no rules were more pressing than making it home before the street lamps came on. But, as Peter Pan and Wendy found out, we can't do that. We grow, we experience life in all aspects, from bittersweet to beauty--and that's what makes the photos captured in time evermore precious.

I photograph many families with young children, and more than just capturing a photograph, I truly try to capture the essence of the child at the age they are. In twenty years, when he's married and living away, perhaps in another state, it's not going to be just his little face at 3 years old that you'll want to remember, but the way he made that silly little grin. Or perhaps, the reminder of the way he looked up to his older sister as if she knew the secrets to unlock the entire universe. Relationships, personalities, and traits that make your tiny humans who they are, and even more, who they will become.

These are just a few of the thoughts that scanned through my mind as I photographed the sweet family Rebecca and Greg have created. I hope you feel some of the essence they radiate when looking at these.

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So much innocence and joy--just giggles.Family Session

And can we just stop for a moment and talk about sweet Drew's beautiful red hair with that porcelain skin? He stole my heart. He's clearly already stolen everyone else's in his family.Family Session Family SessionFamily Session Family SessionFamily SessionThose little innocent smiles, I just can't even handle them.

Family SessionFamily SessionFamily SessionFamily Session

 Rebecca, Greg, Evie, and Drew, thank you so very much for the opportunity to document your family at such a lovely stage in life. I wish you a year full of the happiest circumstances and most beautiful little adventures.