Gantt {9 Days New}

There must have been something in the air about ten months ago, because it's been a beautiful season of newborns around here lately--little boys, at that. In Taylor's case, this is her second baby boy and the overwhelming love I saw radiating from her was just breathtaking. Even sweeter, Gantt received his name from Taylor's maiden name. This is a concept I really love, actually. Such a beautiful way to keep such a defining part of your heritage as a woman alive.

She held him so closely, all while giving the utmost attentiveness and playful comments to her other, slightly older baby boy, Blain. Peace, contentment. This is what I felt while surrounded by Taylor and her newly expanded family.


Attentive to all of his coos and cries, she was so right at home with baby number two.2014-09-09_0008 2014-09-09_00012014-09-09_0009

There is not much in this world more sacred than the beginning moments of life between mother and child...2014-09-09_00042014-09-09_0003

Blain decided to join us and love on his little brother for a minute. So perfectly sweet did he plant a kiss on his forehead, while dressed in the most adorable seersucker outfit.2014-09-09_0010 2014-09-09_00142014-09-09_0012 2014-09-09_0011Taylor, thank you so much for allowing me to witness and document such soft beginning moments of life between you and Gantt. Enjoy these sweet days, momma.