Our Family Photos by Rachel Buckley

I'm SO thrilled to share with you some photos today that are superbly special to my heart--our first family photos with our Chews. As I've shared before, the ways my sweet pup has changed my life and filled my heart is unsurmountable. I'm forever grateful to have these photographs that capture the joy he has brought to our lives taken by the incredibly talented Rachel Buckley.

As you may know through my mention before, we put money aside to invest in our own professional photographs each year, just like my clients, because I truly believe yearly professional documentation is that important. Life is one crazy ride, but I've found that professional photographs of myself, Preston, and our life has truly helped me find, inspiration, solace and beauty in what I HAVE instead of what else I want. They are priceless time capsules of organic beauty that I cannot wait to share with my children someday.

Here's a peek at a few of my favorites...

2014-10-28_0021 2014-10-28_0018 2014-10-28_00172014-10-28_0019

My mother makes jokes at my love for muted colors and creams, but I just cant help it. I feel like it leaves so much room for emotion in photographs.2014-10-28_0005 2014-10-28_0003

Chewie is a giant cuddler, so when we're at home, right in between us is the most likely place you'll find him. That includes the middle of the night. 2014-10-28_00062014-10-28_0008 2014-10-28_0002

The only things Chewie loves more than cuddling are his tennis ball, rotisserie chicken, and spinach. Yes, spinach. 2014-10-28_0004 2014-10-28_00012014-10-28_0011I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our family this year--and more so, I wish you the opportunity to have your own documented this year! SIGNATURE