Shelbie: Part I | 2015 Senior: Louisiana Senior Photography

Tulle, lipstick, heels, and an open field of wildflowers--from the youngest of ages, I'm pretty sure all of us girly girls in the world dream of a day where someone photographs us in a big skirt, just dancing in a field of wildflowers. When I think of the heart of a woman, of her desires to be captivating, these shots of Shelbie could not describe such a sentiment to more perfection. So, if you've never danced in a field of wildflowers, I urge you to add it to your bucket list. (:2014-11-12_0010 2014-11-12_0011 I'm pretty sure Shelbie would have been completely content just propping it up in this field with a good book for a few hours. It was so magical.2014-11-12_0014 2014-11-12_0012 2014-11-12_0013

When we were planning her session, the first thing Shelbie mentioned to me was that she absolutely wanted to incorporate her dad's classic car. I pretty much squealed with excitement at the thought of placing it in such a dreamy field with tutus and pretty smiles.2014-11-12_0029 2014-11-12_0026 2014-11-12_0025 2014-11-12_0023 2014-11-12_0024

Shelbie is a girly girl after my own heart--so we had the most fun photographing and bringing our visions to life. 2014-11-12_0028 2014-11-12_0027 2014-11-12_0030

I don't always jump with excitement at the idea of red in photos, but the gorgeous shade of garnet in Shelbie's romper stood out in the most breathtaking of ways amidst the wildflowers. 2014-11-12_0016 2014-11-12_0019 2014-11-12_0018

Girl talk, smiles, and deep giggles, I just adore connecting with my clients in such a way. Shelbie, thank you for the most dazzling opportunity to capture such a time of growth in your life. I cannot wait to see the great things you will accomplish.2014-11-12_0020 2014-11-12_0017 2014-11-12_0015

Stay tuned for PART TWO of Shelbie's session next week!