Fugarino Family | Louisiana Family Photographer

Words cannot accurately describe my sheer love for documenting pure emotion--from the unwavering love of a child, to the profound love of a parent--it just makes my heart all ooey gooey. When I photographed Jessica, Bryce, and their beautiful girls, I felt so much calm, comfort, and protection radiating from them onto their beautiful babies. It especially warmed my heart at the genuine adoration I could see in Bryce's eyes as he held each of his girls.2014-11-13_00042014-11-13_00062014-11-13_0003 And you know these next ones are my weak spot. Jessica sharing the most intimate moments with three-months-new Isla.2014-11-13_00122014-11-13_0014

Low hanging moss, the softest of colors, and a most beautiful family--my little Heaven. 2014-11-13_0005 2014-11-13_0007

Avery has such a gentle temperament that it was so easy to photograph her loving on each one of her family members. I feel like this is an age that Jessica and Bryce will look back on forever and remember the unadulturated love of their sweet girl.2014-11-13_0008 2014-11-13_00092014-11-13_0002

Isla knew exactly who was holding her the second her daddy started holding her hand. He didn't say a word. Goosebumps, anyone?2014-11-13_0010 2014-11-13_00112014-11-13_00012014-11-13_0015Jessica and Bryce, thank you for the most beautiful opportunity to organically document the love of your little family.