Shelbie: Part II | Senior 2015: Louisiana Senior Photography

Giggles. I love when girls get the giggles. Dancing in the street, giggles, and bouncy curls, I cannot think of much more perfectly girly. And we know I like some girly. Skirts, heels, and sparkles--I'm pretty sure Shelbie and I would get along just fine hanging out for the weekend.2014-11-12_0002 2014-11-12_0004 2014-11-12_0003 2014-11-12_0001She chose this deep winter burgundy for two of her four outfits, and I just love the soft and appropriate statement it made.2014-11-12_0005 2014-11-12_0007 2014-11-12_0008 Shelbie, thank you so much for allowing me to document your glowing aura and your contagious laugh.