It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I told you we had some exciting news to share today. We got a bit of holiday cheer early this year and Chewie is SO excited about it. (:2014-11-24_0001 Meet Miss Scout, the newest member of our family. We're all so very smitten with her, already and can't wait to share the adventures of she and Chewie growing up together. He's finally gotten out of the puppy stage and we felt that it was time to add a little companion into his life. 2014-11-24_0003 2014-11-24_0004As for Chewie, well, he's absolutely obsessed. He follows her all over the house and plays the most adorable gentle tug-of-war with her. Well, most of the time it's gentle. (: She's pretty feisty though, and can certainly hold her own, much like the Scout she's named after. Bonus points for anyone who knows where her name comes from.

2014-11-24_0002 2014-11-24_0005

We hope you enjoy a little peek at our newest addition! Follow me @kalinorton on Instagram for the most updated adventures of Scout and Chewie. Happy Monday, friends!