Brittany + Mike {engaged}

How we connect as human beings is something that sometimes leaves me in awe. There are certain people, that when I meet them, I almost instantly can tell that we are kindred spirits. Other times, I come to this realization after significant amounts of time spent with the person. Regardless, it is a heart-warming feeling to feel that connection. I knew after just a few emails with Brittany that she was a girl after my own heart – with her bubbly personality, classy, yet slightly eclectic style, and the pure love she has for life and for knowing how loved she is.

Then, OH THEN, I met the rest of her adorable little family and saw the love…and copius amounts of style and just all-out cuteness that embodies the three of them. As a couple, Brittany and Mike have a chemistry that can’t be bought in stores!

And as if that weren’t enough, their 3-year old, Collin, made my camera very, very happy—just about as happy as he was to strike some suave poses for me!


Mike and Brittany, I am so very grateful that you chose me to capture your beautiful family and such a special day ahead in December.