Benson Family | Louisiana Family Photographer

Cable knit, chambray, and a happy baby--I don't think I could ask for more. This sweet family is just one of the reasons I love our little neighborhood so much. We have so many families nearby and I'm so grateful to have made so many new friends that live nearby in the past few years. Courtney, Casey, and Jax made my afternoon for this serene dusk shoot.2014-12-02_00072014-12-02_0001 2014-12-02_0004 2014-12-02_0003 Jax is such a calm baby and I especially love that he flirts with me every time I see him--bashful eyes and big smiles, I just love it.2014-12-02_0016 2014-12-02_0014 2014-12-02_0015 2014-12-02_0006

Isn't Courtney a stunning momma? I just adore the sweet moments they shared in front of me.2014-12-02_0005 2014-12-02_0009 2014-12-02_0017 2014-12-02_0008

Tromping through a field with momma--I mean, isn't that every toddler's dream? 2014-12-02_0012 2014-12-02_0011 2014-12-02_0013 2014-12-02_0010

I was pretty enamored with Courtney's long locks, so I had to sneak her away for a few shots of alone. I personally think every woman deserves a few photographs regularly to make her feel like a million bucks. (:2014-12-02_0021 2014-12-02_0022

Courtney and Casey, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to document your sweet little family. I am ever-grateful for sharing these moments with you.2014-12-02_0018 2014-12-02_0019 2014-12-02_0020