Pennington Family | Louisiana Family Photographer

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the cutest little blonde baby model I ever did see. I'm so grateful to have watched each era of Amanda and Andrew's life unfold over the past few years. I met the both of them in college and have watched their relationship evolve from the first dates through the wedding, and to first baby, Miles--and what a treat it has been. This was my first time meeting Miles and my did he steal my heart with those blonde locks and warm brown eyes. I just adore every bit of Miles, Amanda, and Andrew in this session. 2014-12-02_0025 2014-12-02_0026 2014-12-02_0024 2014-12-02_0029 2014-12-02_0027

2014-12-02_0028It took Miles a while to warm up to me, but after searching for acorns together, we were basically BFF. 2014-12-02_0031 2014-12-02_0033 2014-12-02_0035 2014-12-02_0030

I just cannot get enough of these three...and will happily welcome more little Andrews and/or Amandas in front of my camera. (:2014-12-02_0032 2014-12-02_0034

Seriously, can we talk about this baby model? I'm not surprised one bit that he was chosen to be a Drooly Scrumptious brand rep.2014-12-02_0036 2014-12-02_0037 2014-12-02_0038

Amanda and Pnut, thank you for entrusting me with documenting the evolution of your sweet little family. I cannot wait to continue to watch it grow.