A Christmas Tree Farm Engagement | Tulle Skirts & Flannel Shirts: Megan + Jordan

As she walked out of the car in her flannel outfit, I complimented her on her stunning brown boots. She replied, "Jordan picked them out for me for Christmas last year." After having spent some time with them already, I believed every bit of that statement was true. These two have a respect and nurturing affection for one another in the most refreshing of ways. Gentle, kind, and so clearly ready to spend the rest of their lives with no one else but one another. Megan and Jordan's engagement sesh has me giddy as all get out for their wedding day. Seeing the fabulous eye Megan has for pairing outfits and details, I know the wedding day she has in mind will be absolutely picture perfect. 2014-12-02_0056 2014-12-02_0054 2014-12-02_0059 2014-12-02_0060Between the fun we had trailing around the Christmas tree lot and the festive love these two have for this time of year, I just couldn't.....even.2014-12-02_0055 2014-12-02_0061 2014-12-02_0058

Jordan's nurturing tendencies towards Megan truly left me in awe--as did her radiant, bright personality. 2014-12-02_0051 2014-12-02_0053 2014-12-02_0046

Jordan dabbles in a little guitar and brewing his own beer, so we had a little pow wow among brews and tunes in the middle of a field at sunset. Be jealous.2014-12-02_0049 2014-12-02_0050 2014-12-02_0047

And in case you thought you couldn't love these two more, meet the most perfect holiday outfits I ever did see. Crunchy leaves and tulle skirts, I'm pretty sure there's a spot like this in Heaven.2014-12-02_0044 2014-12-02_0045

Soft kisses, dances in abandoned lots, and newsboy caps--my holiday heart is so very full.2014-12-02_0042 2014-12-02_0041 2014-12-02_00392014-12-02_0040

Megan and Jordan, I could not adore you two more. I absolutely cannot wait to witness your vows to spend the rest of your lives together.