A Lincoln, Nebraska Engagment | Winter Wonderland: Stacy + Chase

We met 3 years ago on a spontaneous phone call and clicked instantly. Little did I know, the things that make up who she is would become entangled so perfectly with the pieces that make up my own soul and make her a dear, lifelong friend. We now make it a point to travel to see one another regularly--something I cherish infinitely. I was in for a treat on my last trip to the Midwest, as I finally got to meet the most serving, gentle-hearted man I could imagine her spending the rest of her life with. Chase and Stacy, I cannot wait to stand NEXT to you as you share your vows to spend the rest of this lifetime together. Your happiness together truly fills my heart to the brim. Dupont ConstructionDupont ConstructionDupont ConstructionDupont Construction

I'm not actually Stacy's wedding photographer, as I am standing in her wedding, however, we had a little free time during my visit to snap a few sweet shots of them. Beautiful Midwestern roads that look like a Winter Wonderland--I just couldn't resist.Dupont ConstructionDupont Construction Dupont ConstructionCan we discuss the great points involved in a man wearing a scarf? Anyone?Dupont Construction Dupont Construction Dupont Construction Dupont Construction

Stacy and Chase, I loved every bit of spending time with you two and absolutely cannot wait until September. Dupont Construction Dupont Construction