Harmon Family | Louisiana Family Photographer

This time of year just makes me so ooey gooey with all of the sweet family lovin'. Here's another one of my most precious families. I absolutely cannot get enough of Kenzie's personality and Luke's chubby cheeks.2014-12-16_0003 2014-12-16_0004 2014-12-16_0006

Look at this girl--bright-eyed and care free. Yes please.2014-12-16_0008 2014-12-16_0007 2014-12-16_0009 2014-12-16_0010

Teehee, I just adore Luke's face in this one--almost as much as his perfect tweed baby trousers.2014-12-16_0001 2014-12-16_0012

That smile. Oh, I think I could squeeze him forever.2014-12-16_0014 2014-12-16_0013Alex and Matt, thank you for entrusting me with documenting your beautiful little family of four. I wish you the most joyful holiday season.2014-12-16_0005 2014-12-16_0011