Haley + Jordan: An Uptown New Orleans Engagement | Louisiana Engagement Photographer

"I'm not sure about what to do in front of the camera, but we love New Orleans and we laugh a lot." That's what Haley told me during the planning phase of her session--and it was true. From the moment I pulled the camera out, the way Jordan comforted her nerves and made her giggle, left me with so much excitement that these two are planning to spend their lives together. And as I've said before, there's not much more beautiful in this world than a smiling woman.2015-01-13_00082015-01-13_00092015-01-13_00062015-01-13_00052015-01-13_0004 So sleek, these two--bow ties, blazers, leather. You know I was about it.2015-01-13_0007 2015-01-13_00102015-01-13_00032015-01-13_0002

We kept Haley and Jordan's session in Uptown New Orleans--all with colors and atmosphere that meshed so perfectly with their outfits and personalities. I wanted the session to have a classic New Orleans feel, without the hustle and bustle of the touristy sections, and I don't think we could have found better nooks and crannies than these off of Magazine Street.2015-01-13_0001 2015-01-13_0011 2015-01-13_00142015-01-13_0012

I loved all of the photos from their session, but I felt myself especially drawn to these black and whites. Haley just looks so carefree and genuinely happy--safe with Jordan.2015-01-13_0015 2015-01-13_0016

Haley and Jordan, thank you for the opportunity to document such a monumental start of life together for you two. You will be so stunning all in white on the beach in May.2015-01-13_0018 2015-01-13_0017