Hollie | Senior 2015: Louisiana Senior Photography

“WHEN WE ARE OPEN AND GIVING OF OUR LIGHT, WE CREATE AN ENDLESS REFLECTION THAT OUTLIVES OUR HUMAN EXISTENCE.” When I read this quote several years ago by the CEO of Restoration Hardware, Gary Friedman, it resounded so clearly with the core of my being. There are certain people, that when you meet them, their souls exude a sunshine that couldn't be fabricated. Not one ounce. Hollie is undoubtedly one of these people--with a passion for life, a desire for success, and a heart so full of love. This, my sweet friends, is what life's about.

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I cannot tell you the extent that Hollie's infectious laugh and overflowing joy filled my heart as I photographed her.2015-04-02_0010 2015-04-02_0011

And I mean, if you don't know my love for creams, golden light, and open fields by now, then well, you're new around these parts...or living under a rock.2015-04-02_0015 2015-04-02_0014 2015-04-02_0016

I cannot resist laughing photographs. CANNOT. There's nothing more beautiful to me than a happy girl. 2015-04-02_00032015-04-02_00022015-04-02_0004

And for all of my style junkies, let's just talk about how much Hollie is channeling a little Cara Loren2015-04-02_00072015-04-02_00052015-04-02_0006

Hollie, you are stunning, inside and out. I cannot wait to see the beautiful opportunity the Universe brings your way.