Brook | Senior 2015: Louisiana Senior Photography

Spring sessions are in full swing and I couldn't be more giddy about it. The softest of hues and the prettiest of smiles, Brook rocked her session like she had been doing this for years. I hope you enjoy some of her sweet smile and baby blue eyes as much as I did!2015-04-07_0012 2015-04-07_0013 2015-04-07_0014 2015-04-07_0015 Smiling girl, flowers blooming, birds chirping--you know how I feel.2015-04-07_00172015-04-07_00232015-04-07_0016 2015-04-07_0018 2015-04-07_00192015-04-07_00202015-04-07_0022 2015-04-07_0021

Brook, you are flawless and so stunning, inside and out.2015-04-07_0009 2015-04-07_0011 2015-04-07_0006

Seriously, I'm forever grateful for my seniors. They are humble, beautiful models, all in one.2015-04-07_0007 2015-04-07_0005 2015-04-07_0003 2015-04-07_0002

Brook, thank you so much for entrusting me with capturing this time in your life. Go do great things, you pretty girl.