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There are a handful of my sweet clients of whom I've had the utmost privilege to watch their little families grow from the beginning. I cannot fully express the gratitude and joy that fills my heart knowing that they trust me time and time again to document life--their life. The little personalities of each of their tiny humans that I've watched unfold in front of my lens since infancy--innocent, independent, strong-willed, and joyful. Ellis was one of my very first newborns. Jennie and I laughed together as we constructed a session to document her brand new, precious life--and we learned together, as well. (;2015-04-23_00012015-04-23_00162015-04-23_0015 2015-04-23_0002 2015-04-23_0004 Brandon and Jennie welcomed Eli into the world last year, and he couldn't be a more compatible balance for his big sister. And undoubtedly, Ellis is a ferociously proud big sis.2015-04-23_00062015-04-23_0003 2015-04-23_0007 2015-04-23_0008 2015-04-23_0009 2015-04-23_0010

What little girl doesn't love to pick flowers in the middle of gigantic fields? 2015-04-23_0011 2015-04-23_0012 2015-04-23_0013 2015-04-23_0014 2015-04-23_0017 2015-04-23_0018

Brandon and Jennie, thank you for entrusting me with documenting your family, time and time again. 2015-04-23_0019 2015-04-23_0020

Happy Friday, my friends!