Isla | Tutus and Chicken Coops: Louisiana Children's Photographer

After a week of crazy weather, power outages, and blog servers being down, I'm back from being MIA. Better late than never. (; If only I could go back to the two-year-old days of playing in the yard for hours and dressing up in princess clothes. Am I right? The days when the the only worries were if I had to take a nap and if all of the crust was removed from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That's where my sweet, strong-willed Isla is--bright-eyed, full of personality, and soaking up so many new things in the world around her ever-developing mind. Kaylei HackettKaylei HackettKaylei Hackett

We decided to pull out momma's wedding gown for dress up--because, why not?Kaylei HackettKaylei HackettKaylei HackettKaylei HackettKaylei HackettShe runs around the yard with no clothes in a sun hat, she dresses up in mommy's wedding gown, and she's so proud of the chickens in her chicken coop because she's two. When you're two--this is life. Kaylei Hackett Kaylei HackettKaylei Hackett

Kaylei Hackett

Isla and my youngest sister, Delaini both take dance. So, naturally, we decided to make this shoot extra girly. Kaylei Hackett Kaylei Hackett

Happy Thursday, friends!