Corbeau | Southern Summer and Suspenders: Baton Rouge Children's Photographer

Platinum blonde hair and the biggest baby blues, oh Corbeau, you stole my heart even more than when I first met you at a few days old. Which means I know you steal your momma and daddy's heart every second of the day. Wear suspenders forever, ok? A year old is such a perfect time for a photo session--so many firsts. First glimpses of personality, first steps--all for momma to remember for years to come. Corbeau Cothron Corbeau Cothron Corbeau CothronCorbeau Cothron Corbeau Cothron

Southern summers, dirt roads, and little toddler steps. Yes, please. Corbeau CothronCorbeau Cothron Corbeau Cothron

Sarah and Chris, thank you for entrusting me with documenting this first year of your beautiful, growing family. I cannot wait to watch you guys continue to grow.Corbeau CothronCorbeau CothronCorbeau Cothron Corbeau CothronCorbeau Cothron