Awaiting Isla | Bethany + Blaine: Mandeville Maternity Photography

You know that couple you see at weddings--the sublimely adorable one that owns the dance floor, and shares cake, and just genuinely has a great time with one another? This is Bethany and Blaine. Endearing, genuine hearts, enjoying the moments of this charming little life in the presence of one another.

I've known Bethany and Blaine since high school and photographed several weddings in which they won the award, in my mind, for the most adorable guests. So, when Bethany emailed me to document moments between the two of them as they await their baby girl Isla, I was overjoyed. Bethany has a quirky, joyous, and gentle persona and wears pregnancy so exquisitely. I cannot wait to see her own motherhood with that same charm.

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Blaine is so attentive and gentle with Bethany--undoubtedly, he is going to be the best dad and husband for his soon-to-be family of three.

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Bethany and Blaine, your life and love has captured my heart. I cannot wait to watch with admiration as your family grows.

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Faucheux MaternityFaucheux MaternityFaucheux MaternityFaucheux Maternity Faucheux Maternity