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"When we are open and giving of our light, we create an endless reflection that outlives our human existence." 

GARY FRIEDMAN - Restoration Hardware, CEO

When I very unexpectedly came across CEO of Restoration Hardware Gary Friedman's reflection letter as I was perusing the RH website a couple of years ago, I was immediately taken aback by his soulful words and optimistic passion for life and people.  It sparked something in me. I began noticing more intricately the beautiful souls placed in my life, and more so, how every single person and experience was an opportunity to learn, grow, and love. Through various life happenings and challenges over the past year in my own life, I found myself changing my own mantra quite a bit and actively pursuing reactions founded in love and positivity as much as I could muster, in all situations.

My sweet friends, actively doing this has been LIFE CHANGING for me. Like really really, in an I want to shout it to the rooftops and do a dance kind of way.

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Practicing love, kindness, and a positive mindset as much as I possibly can has, quite literally, poured more fulfillment into my life and relationships and the most astounding outcomes. So, if you're in a rut, or if you find yourself having troubles with the relationships around you, or quite frankly if you just breathe air on this planet, I challenge you to try to practice a life of light and love this week. When someone hurts you, when something doesn't go as planned...DO IT. Surprise them...or yourself. LOOOOOOOOVE people. It will change your life, I swear. And this world can always use a little more happy...

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And because this was an effort at a style blog post before I decided to go all Ghandi, here's on of my Fall wardrobe faves and the outfit deets...

Maxi Dress // Moto Jacket (similar) // Hat // Booties (similar) // Makeup: Ashley Sievert // Hair: Bleu Blowdry Bar

Happy October, friends!


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